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Daniel Dougans


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The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy (Pty) Ltd. is registered by the Department of Higher Education & Training (DoHET) as a provider of the qualification/s, as shown on certificate Nr 2000/HE07/014; a 2-year Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology.

Should you wish to verify the status, please visit the DoE website at: (go to DoE Activities, then Higher Education and look for the related document for the register of Private Higher Education Institutions under the relevant Directorate).

The programme is accredited with Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE) (Website: http:// Level 5, 240 credits: Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology H/PR407/K001CAN.

The programme listed with South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) with ID number: 36204 - Website at http://

Reflexology as a health profession:

The Allied Health Professions (AHP) Act, 1982 (Act no. 63 of 1982, as amended in 2000), was promulgated on 12 February 2001. The amendments established the opening of new registered professions one being Reflexology.

The AHPs Act states the following in the regulations (regulation 45.10) with regards to minimum requirements for curricula, which will allow for full registration with the Allied Health Professions Council of SA on successful completion of the course; this will afford you the opportunity to legally start up your own practice once you have received your registration number from Council.

A person who wishes to register as a Therapeutic Reflexologist in terms of the Act shall pass at an educational institution a Therapeutic Reflexology Diploma which shall consist of at least:

(a) The major subjects of:
Practical Therapeutic Reflexology
Theoretical Therapeutic Reflexology

(b) The ancillary subjects of:

Business and practice management
Ethics and jurisprudence
First Aid*
Patient care
Research Methodology

*All of the above subjects are covered in our course programme, with the exception of First Aid. This subject can be obtained at any recognized institution of your choice, or alternatively can be arranged by our offices on completion of your qualification.


The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy (Pty) Ltd. aims at providing a high standard of professional training and development in the field of Reflexology.

The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy (Pty) Ltd (IARAMT) was established in South Africa by Inge Dougans in 1983. Uniting Western and Eastern insight into the Meridians and the Five Elements has given IARAMT a high reputation worldwide for its unique approach.

Mission Statement:

The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy (Pty) Ltd is committed to:

Providing highly qualified and competent lecturers within the field of Reflexology.

Providing quality education facilities for learning in Reflexology to all learners residing in South Africa, neighbouring countries as well as other countries around the world, through contact mode as well as Distance E-learning. (linked to Distance E-learning)

Providing the learner with a high standard of knowledge and practical skill in order to become a competent health professional within an exemplary and professional code of conduct.

Providing assistance to the learners in applying for registration with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa, albeit learner registration or full registration as a qualified therapist.

Encouraging the qualified graduate to continuously contribute to the development of the field of Reflexology, by means of data gathering, case history documentation and research.

Encouraging the qualified graduate to contribute to the South African society by means of community work.

Promoting Reflexology as a preventative health therapy and making it available to South African residents of all ages and all backgrounds, and in so doing contribute to their overall improved health and well-being.


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