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Chevaun Bennet


Managing Director


Department of Trade and Industry
Small Development Agency (SEDA)
South African Quality Institute Member
Service SETA
Construction SETA
SABS ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Proudly South African Member
Expowerdex B.B.B.E.E Rated - Level 3 Contibutor


Vison & Overview

The word QUALITY brings to mind terms such as inspection, process control, auditing, standards and ISO 9000. While quality indeed includes these principles, it also includes, for example, management systems and continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and market focus, teamwork and the well-being of employees.

These principles are all critical to success, whether in health care, education, manufacturing, the service industry or the public sector. Quality is the critical success factor in competitiveness, especially when doing business internationally. So where do South African companies look for direction in establishing and maintaining Quality principles in their organizations? Is there an umbrella body that co-ordinates the national Quality effort under one roof? The answer is "yes": the South African Quality Institute (SAQI). SAQI is committed to promoting Quality in all fields of human endeavor and provides support to business, industry, healthcare and education through Quality awareness, leadership principles, products and systems.

Quality in South Africa is facing a new and exciting future. It will move away from the hands of the Quality specialists, to the public domain of operators, managers, entrepreneurs and educators. As traditional trade barriers fall, they are replaced by internationally recognized Quality systems such as ISO 9000 certification and Environmental Management systems (EMS). As a result Quality becomes not only a business imperative but an essential life skill that is as fundamental to the success of individuals and companies as literacy and numeracy.

M-THEORY CONSULTING is an active member of the South African Quality Institute (SAQI) and is also fully accredited by the SERVICES SETA as a training provider.

Infrastructure & Professionalism

Our company has an office based in Durban, Kwa-zulu Natal. We believe that we are strategically position to service emerging industries and industrial zones.

We use only state-of-the-art computer hardware and software and keep ourselves abreast of the international trends with regard to all aspects of our business.

Consultations are held with clients at their premises thereby creating further convenience. To date, we have successfully implemented Quality Management Systems in over 130 companies in industries ranging from Chemical, Engineering, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Packaging and various services including S.E.T.A/s. Further, we have trained over 10000 people at all levels, in languages ranging from English to Zulu to Xhosa. We believe that our success is rooted deeply in the success of our clients.

We are a 100% Black Owned business and strongly believe in complying with Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B.B.B.E.E.) charter. This can be seen by the shareholding held by a non- white female.

Our team comprises of industry experts with multi- faceted experience and know- how which is transferred to the client via a well planned and structured process that is in line with World Class Business Consulting Practise.

Our hands on approach gives your business a more professional and aggressive approach, which benefits the bottom line as well as the corporate image. No player in the market can exist without integrity, loyalty and foresight. Our business is constantly on the increase, our clients are increasingly satisfied with the value
we have thus far added to their businesses.

Take the first step to quality assurance success and peace of mind ... contact M-THEORY CONSULTING for an assessment to realise how we can add value to your business and most importantly, to your company's image and profitability.


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53 San Marina, 11 Seaforth Drive, Seaward Estates




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PO Box 1923




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