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Registered with the Department of Education as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997, Registration Certificate No. 2000/HE 07/010. The following qualifications are accredited:

Advanced Diploma in Project Management
(NQF level 7, 140 credits/SAQA ID 48722)

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
(NQF level 8, 140 credits/SAQA ID 48723)

Master of Commerce in Project Management
(NQF level 9, 240 credits/SAQA ID 48724)

Important Note:

With Cranefield's registration and accreditation with the Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education, respectively, your organisation may claim back the tuition fees paid to Cranefield from the SETA that receives your skills levy.

ISO 9001 Certification

(by Price Waterhouse Coopers)

Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management is certified ISO 9001 by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Cranefield conforms strictly to continuous improvement principles dictated by its Quality Management System. Total Quality Management philosophy is taught as an integral part of Cranefields short courses and academic programmes.


General Information

The project and programme management approach to organisational value chain management enables continuous transformation and change towards a learning organisation paradigm and ensures improved performance. This results in enhanced communication and strategy-aligned coordination and integration of operations, applying a systems approach.

Cranefield follows an outcomes-based adult learning approach in its teaching and learning, using both theory and case material. Cranefield College offers an Advanced Diploma (NQF Level 7), Postgraduate Diploma (NQF Level 8) and Masters Degree (NQF Level 9). Accreditation of Cranefield College's Doctoral Programme (PhD) is in progress.

In addition to the Academic Programmes, Cranefield offers a range of Short Courses, including web-based short courses (see Multimedia Distance Learning - MDL, as indicated on the menu).

Cranefield College is immensely proud of its many graduates who are appointed to senior leadership and management positions in both the private and public sectors, not only in Africa, but also in the European Union, the Middle East and the United States of America.

Vision and Mission

Cranefields vision is to provide private graduate education of the highest quality both in Africa and internationally, and, in respect of the former, to remain at the cutting edge of new-economy leadership education in coping with the complex demands of a continent in transformation.

Our mission is to sustain the quality of our learning programmes and services to meet our students (and, where applicable, their employers) needs, in order to add economic and social value to society as a whole.
Values and Beliefs

Fundamental to the success of Cranefield are the following basic values:

We endeavour to be committed, have a positive attitude at all times, and nurture behaviour where trust, cohesion, integrity, transparency and ethical practices can flourish.

In the context of maintaining excellent team spirit, we strive for a culture of involvement and empowerment where each team member takes full responsibility for the role that he or she fulfils, and is continuously exposed to learning.

Our human resources provide the creativity and innovation that guide perceptions about our qualities in the marketplace.

The contents of our learning programmes, and the manner in which we present these to our students, are the end result of our combined efforts. We are judged according to perceptions regarding the quality that we maintain. Ensuring total quality in all our endeavours so as best to serve the needs of all our clients, is a value that influences every part of our service delivery.
Guiding Principles

Our main aim is to focus on service excellence to our internal and external customers, and to measure the performance of delivery processes for assessment of strategic benefits. Quality is uppermost in our minds: to achieve stakeholder satisfaction, the quality of our learning programmes and services must enjoy the highest priority.

We firmly believe in following a systems approach to managing our processes, and in achieving innovative learning and continuous improvement of everything we do. Dedication to continuous improvement is uppermost on our minds: we strive for excellence in respect of everything we do regarding quality, service and quick response.

Our students and managers must be role models: they must strive for quality service and commitment to employee empowerment in the process of continuous improvement.

Employee empowerment and involvement are entrenched: we encourage high-performance teamwork and promote good human relationships and trust among our employees, as well as between our employees and our students. Through a culture of trustworthy support sponsored by our leaders, we ensure open communication and a free flow of information.

Improved technology is essential for effectiveness and efficiency: incrementally improved technology is favoured, while human resources are constantly retrained to master innovations.

Our students and their employers are the focus of everything we do: we are focused on delivering improved learning programmes and services to our stakeholders on a continuous basis, and to deliver them better than any competitor locally or internationally.

The Department of Education, the Council on Higher Education, SAQA and our students employers are our partners: together we must create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships to enhance the quality of learning programmes and services to our students.


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234 Alexandra Avenue, MBA Conference Centre


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