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We are affiliated to APPETD which is the Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Development.


The Natural Health Academy is an institution committed to training and uplifting the level of education in Natural well-being in South Africa. It was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to empowering individuals in this industry. NHA is unique in its training of health consultants through an energetic and practical approach. Our view is that herbalism is a holistic discipline that affects all our lives at some stage. Our founders are strong advocates for holistic and contemplative methods and the Academy aims at all times to provide a balance of science and practicality in its teaching. We seek to further the knowledge of herbal medicine for its personal and planetary benefits, and this philosophy is evident in all that we do.

About the Founders

Vincent and Cheryl Tones accumatively have over 30 years practical experience in formulations, manufacture and marketing in the Natural Medicine, Phyto-therapy and Dietary Supplement Industry. Together they have achieved many accolades of success through their passion and dedication for making this industry accessible to all.

Their experience and knowledge extends to:

* Health product development, branding, packaging marketing
* Training, A-Z product guidance, product knowledge training manuals
* Regulatory compliance: WHO, GMP, FDA, TGA, MCC, ASA (legal standards for advertising material), manufacturing methodology: stability, absorption catalysts, dissolvability, pack and delivery means, tablet binders and fillers, gliders, coaters, density tests, capsules, powders, creams, soaps, lotions, sunscreens, bars, effervescent and chewable tablets, group taste testing, etc.
* Sales team training and presentations
* Customer helpline and complaint resolution
* Project projections, target setting and timelines
* Formulation of liquids: tinctures, teas, beverages, tonics, syrups, ultra-sonics (water medium), colloidals, extractions, blending, combining actives and non actives, filtering and stabilizing.
* GMP, FDA, TGA, MCC, WHO and other regulatory systems
* Nutritional and herbal raw materials
* Balancing commercial opportunity with scientific expertise
* Strong background in vitamins, minerals (including trace minerals) herbal products, botanicals, enzymes, pre and probiotics and cosmetology.

NHA has extensive experience and knowledge of the Health Industry both locally and internationally and covers Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Education, Dietetics, Sports Nutrition, Medical Herbalism (Culinary, Beauty & Perfumery and Medicinal & Therapeutic), MCC Regulatory and Advertising Compliance, Counseling, Formulating and Manufacturing.


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