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ICB:Accreditation Number – 300830, FASSET:Accreditation Number – A58500025

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Skills Academy is a distance learning college that offers a wide range of courses namely:

Beauty Courses Child Care Courses ICB Courses

All our courses are designed to improve your skills in these fields of interest.

We offer a very unique and easy way of furthering your education, improving your career opportunities or simply increasing your knowledge on a certain area of interest.

Along with our wonderful list of courses, we offer great services to the benefit of all our students. They are:

Needs & Wants Satisfied: We strive to give our students our full attention. We want to help them every step of the way in completing their chosen courses. Put on the Right Path: We make sure that our students are enrolled on courses that are right for them. We want to make sure that they will be happy and well prepared for their chosen career paths. Well-Built Support System: Our well-built support system and on call experts have been put into place to help our students finish their courses as quickly and successfully as possible. Great Study Help: We give our students all the study help and materials they need to pass. Easy Entrace Requirements: We have unique and easy entrance requirements. To register with us there are no credit checks! You also only need Grade 10 and the ability to read, write and communicate in English. No Exams!: With us there are no exams to be written. All assessments, tasks and evaluations are included in the study materials provided. Affordable!: Our courses can be paid off in affordable monthly payments. Contact us for more information: 0800 39 00 27. Comfort of Home: Another huge advantage is that all the courses we offer can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Everything is posted to you, plus there are no classes or seminars to attend! Friendly, Fast and Reliable: We provide a fast and friendly service that can be trusted to get our students where they want to be in life. Part of a Great Family: Skills Academy is part of a growing family of distance learning colleges. This means that our students are part of an outstanding network, filled with years of expertise and experience in education.

These benefits are just some of the ways in which we want to make sure that you feel confident and positive about your studies. We want you to know that you are supported  every step of the way, towards ensuring your success.

We believe that EVERYONE has a RIGHT to STUDY!

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