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Brothers Safaris offers tailor-made safaris throughout Southern Africa, specialising in wildlife and wildlife immobilisation and behind-the-scenes participation safaris (African Vet Safaris), but also offering conventional safaris and sightseeing tours - guided or self-drive (Traditional Tours & Safaris), and services to the corporate market. Enjoy our informative website for a better idea of what makes us unique and why we offer experiences that change peoples lives.

African Vet Safaris give clients a rare and unique hands-on opportunity to become involved in conservation, while having a once in a lifetime experience not normally commercially available!
Let Dr Peter Brothers, Wildlife Vet and Registered Tour Guide, take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Join him on wildlife immobilisation procedures, or a species specific interactive safari that takes you behind the scenes. If you are in the Veterinary field, join him for a look into the world of Veterinary Science and Wildlife, or a wildlife immobilisation course.
Currently still working in the wildlife industry as a Vet, Dr Brothers offers a unique insight into the world of wildlife, and aims to share this with colleagues and interested persons from abroad, educating visitors in an interactive manner on a wide range of aspects pertaining to wildlife in Southern Africa. All aspects, from the most basic knowledge pertaining to a species, to more detailed aspects of wildlife management and Veterinary involvement, are covered in relation to your chosen safari and interests.

Generally African Vet Safaris only cater for small groups, ensuring a well-managed and safe environment, for both man and beast. Within the realm of what is safe, ethical and possible from the wildlife perspective, all safaris can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs.

Your participation in an African Vet Safari also ensures a sizeable financial contribution to wildlife conservation, thus directly helping to preserve this precious natural heritage.

Immobilisation Safaris incorporate wildlife immobilisations that are carried out for conservation based research or management procedures, on a host of species. Get your hands dirty assisting, or simply watch from up close. Either way, you will have an unforgettable encounter with Africa's wildlife!

Species Specific Interactive Safaris sometimes incorporate immobilisation procedures, but also offer other unusual activities involving your chosen species of wildlife, as well as general game viewing. Work with Vets, researchers and field officers, and gain an insight into the magical world of wildlife. Track cheetah from the air in a microlight aircraft, or monitor wild dogs around their denUse telemetry to track your chosen species in the bush, the continuous beep from the tracking collar bringing you slowly closer...
Specialist Veterinary Safaris are our more technical safaris, and are aimed at Veterinarians, Vet Nurses/Technicians and Vet Students. Tailor-make an itinerary with Dr Brothers guiding you all the way, or join a "Conservation and Immobilisation Safari", the options are endless.


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