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My name is Jackie Gilliland and with Planning and Scheduling experience in excess of 25 years I offer to share with you my knowledge and experience.

My Planning experience stretches over a wide range of projects in Petrochemical, Power, Mining and Heavy industry. I have fulfilled roles of Planner, Scheduler, Lead Planning and Planning Manager throughout the various phases of the Project Life Cycle. I have also fullfilled roles on Construction Teams, Construction Management Teams, EPCM Teams as well as Owner Teams.

Over the past number of years I have expanded my services to also include Planning Governance, Assurance, and Guidance through consultation.

I am also a Member of PMI Intrnational and have earned the PMI-SP (Scheduling Professional) Acccreditation.

Even after 25 years I am by no means implying that I know it all, the fact is that even today I am still learning daily.

What I am offering is that I am willing to share some of my experience with you, and assist and guide you to reach greater heights in your Project Planning Efforts.

For Planners interested in advancing your career to the next level, or Project Managers wishing to develop the planning skills within your Project Team...

Allow me to assist you and your project planning and scheduling team to elevate your project bottom line.


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