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CBT operates as an education and training delivery partner for the Institute of Credit Management (ICM).

CBT operates as an education and training delivery partner for the Institute of Credit Management (ICM) and is accredited in terms of the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) regulations with the FASSET SETA for various programs and qualifications registered on the NQF from level 2 to 5.

Founder of CBT, Heather Lawlor has significant experience in all aspects of skills development and has been involved in the formal delivery of education and training in the credit sector since 1988.


Who we are and how we work

CBT is an education and training provider that has its core focus on the delivery of technical credit management skills. Expertise for other non-credit related programs is obtained largely from the industry, either through independent contractors (facilitators, assessors, moderators and material developers) or from subject matter experts employed within the sector, thereby ensuring currency of inputs.

Delivery of education and training in the technical competencies is achieved through a blend of appropriate learning methodologies, including distance learning, facilitated face-to-face workshops and learnership programs.

CBT has core competencies in consulting with its clients and structuring skills development solutions appropriate to the needs of their business. These unique solutions span the technical credit field, but also blend a range of offerings from a number of strategic alliance partners. The main aim of CBT is the overall success of the credit industry, particularly through adding value to each individual client.

Learners can make an informed choice as to which method of delivery they prefer (for example, distance learning or classroom support) and can clearly plan their long term study / development goals.

Principles and practices underPinning all service delivery

All programs are aligned to SAQA approved unit standards.
Outcomes-based methodologies are used throughout.
Continuous and formative assessments are designed into programs.
Capacity built through a combination of self and facilitated learning is promoted.
Summative assessment is based on actual assessments conducted and portfolios.

Distance Learning Qualifications

CBT offers credit-related learning programmes through distance learning whereby the learner purchases Study Material, studies independently, completes the relevant assignment before writing the examination. Apart from the self-assessment activities in the learning material, there is a formative assessment (assignment), which must be completed and submitted on or before registration for the summative assessment (examination).

The learner has to meet the requirements of the formative assessment (assignment) and be found competent in the summative assessment (examination). Failure to do so will require that the learner re-registers and pays the appropriate registration fees.

NB: It is in the learners own best interests to submit their assignment as soon as possible for assessment and should the requirements not be met, a re-submission may be possible, time permitting.

This brochure will provide the purpose of the various courses and a brief description of the subject content.


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