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The Language Teaching Centre (LTC) is a private language school in Cape Town, South Africa. The school offers internationally recognized, foreign language training and certification in a
warm, friendly setting.

All our teachers are highly qualified, native speakers of the languages they teach. They have experience in teaching students of many different nationalities.

We are familiar with the challenges of acquiring a new language, LTC makes every effort to welcome students to an environment that will nurture their learning process and draw their best efforts.

LTC limits the number of students in a classroom to eight. Such small classes allow teachers to give students all the individual attention and personal care they need. It also stimulates an
atmosphere of acceptance and friendliness among classmates. Students who may be reluctant to speak in front of large groups feel free to take new risks.

In addition, students have access to private tuition, where the teacher spends time with them one-on-one, advising and guiding them personally in their studies.

Cultural Orientation
LTC not only focuses on language training, but also introduces students to the respective cultures of the languages they are taught. Many of our students are preparing for life in a foreign country and we feel it is vital to help them adjust to the customs of these new places.

It is usually difficult to find ones way in a new country and city. This is why we've made sure that our learning centre is easily accessible from all areas of Cape Town, and is close to all major travel
routes, hotels and the International Convention Centre.

Our school strives to create a relaxed, friendly and comfortable learning environment for all our students. Our classrooms are in the city centre on the 9th floor of our building, from where students can gaze at the magnicent view of Table Mountain.

We care about more than just our students language development. We also want to make sure they feel welcome in our city and have a pleasant stay while they study. To make sure they find a suitablehome away from home, we spend time to discover their particular needs before recommending accommodation.

Students can choose from a variety of different types of lodgings including:

Home-stay families
Guest houses

We have well established relationships with all accommodation providers on our list, and continue to take a personal interest in our students well-being throughout their studies.


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