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Wonder Jonamu


Affiliated with the Ashridge Business School (UK) for Executive Education Programmes.


People Capabilities HR Consultants represent the service delivery expertise of a dynamic consulting team specialising in crafting winning people interventions to develop a competitive edge for our client organisations. Our consultancy practice is driven by our strong persuasion of creating a strategic sync between human capital interventions and business strategy. Our solid background in human capital consulting has shown that people are the nucleus of the whole organisational architecture. The broad portfolio of our consulting interventions is designed to reinforce and support the key business priorities of our client organisations. Globally, corporate success has revealed that winning organisations are configured around the competencies and capabilities of their people. From the Silicon Valley to the factory shop-floors of commerce, its all about people; their talent, innovation, ingenuity and capabilities. We partner our client organisations to make them winners through a human capital advantage that lies within their people. At the close of any of our consulting interventions, solutions and learning programmes, we always leave behind, energised teams, inspired people, well-oiled organisational systems and carry with us relationships cherishable far beyond business contracts.

Our broad portfolio of consulting interventions, services and solutions cover the following:

1. Learning & development programmes & courses
2. E-learning programmes & courses
3. Human capital consulting
4. Employee & graduate development programmes
5. Bespoke course content design
6. Team building & facilitation interventions
7. Talent attraction, resourcing, engagement and retention solutions
8. Psychometric assessments & job profiling
9. Recruitment and selection
10. Career coaching & development programmes

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Our Learning & Development Team can be contacted for a briefing or a detailed presentation or for any additional information you may require.


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