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Franca Panseri


We are proud to be Accredited with Nasab
(Nail and Skincare Accreditation Board)


Nailcity is an Accredited Training Facility and Wholesalers of Artificial Nail and Beauty products.

Nailcity understand that education is the key to success. We believe in a high quality program with only the top beauty techs in the industry educating our product line.
Why should you train at Nailcity?

* Nailcity has shown tremendous growth nationally.
* Nailcity is a professional product, used by professional nail & beauty technicians around the world.
* Nailcity offer continues education and keep up with international standards.
* Nailcity Educators are trained on the highest standards.
* Nailcity Educators are available for any advice after completion of the course.
* All courses include a complete kit and not just a starter kit.
* There are a variety of courses to choose from to meet your financial availability. Contents of kits differ.
* Accredited Certificates will be issued after completion of course.


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