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"I know God will not give me anything I cant handle. I just wish He didnt trust me so much" Mother Teresa
What Can Kinesiology Do For Me?

People who experience the following may find kinesiology of benefit:

* Headaches
* Emotional problems
* Depression
* Learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD
* Pain - Neck pain, back pain, muscle pain, joint pain
* Insomnia
* Low blood sugar
* Sinusitis
* Food allergies and sensitivities
* Recurrent infections
* Fatigue, chronic tiredness, lacking energy
* Relationship difficulties
* Low self esteem
* Phobias
* Addictions
* Skin problems
* Digestive disorders, chronic constipation, stomach pain, colitus
* Menstrual problems

Kinesiologists do not:

* Heal only your body can do that (just as it heals a broken bone or a cut!)
* Diagnose or treat we work with you towards finding solutions
* Work with illness we believe that we can assist in improving your quality of life and so re-educate your body and yourself.
* Interfere with your faith or religious beliefs we are trained to work within the realm of your belief system to best assist you to find solutions to your well-being.
* Make predictions

After a Kinesiology Session you may have:

* More energy
* Greater understanding of yourself
* Choices where none seemed to exist before
* More acceptance and understanding of others
* The ability to find your own solutions
* More appropriate and increased functioning ability
* An improved quality of life

As Kinesiologists we do not diagnose or treat illness or disease however we can help you with your stress and work towards increasing your energy.

What to expect from a session with a Specialised Kinesiologist

A kinesiology consultation is about an hour to two hours long.
The client is fully clothed during the entire process which starts off with a history taking and then the client usually lies down while the Kinesiologist uses muscle monitoring by gently pushing on the clients arms.

Consultations are run on a cash only basis.
All consultations must be booked in advance and any consultations not cancelled timeously will be charged for.


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