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If you are looking for a stunning personalised gift in Pewter Repousse, Stained Glass, Mosaic or 3D Decoupage, or would like to come on a course to learn how to make them yourself, you are in the right place.

Craftwork, whether it be in glass, pewter, mosaics or 3D prints, is a fun and fulfilling way to spend your leisure time. There is nothing more rewarding than switching on a lamp and seeing the warm glow of rich colour that emanates from stained glass, or seeing sunlight pour through a picture glass window.

My decoupage designs are full of depth and possess a lifelike quality, using only superior lithographic prints to make up the 3D images. Mosaic glass and tile work is equally exciting, with the pieces forming striking and exquisite artworks, or small and quirky fun items.

I offer enjoyable and exciting workshops to those who wish to learn the basics of any of the above crafts and have stock items for purchase. Groups of up to 6 are welcome to book, which will ensure personal attention for all. Novices are very welcome, but be warned, it's addictive!

Visit the "gallery" section of the site and be inspired!


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