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Melissa Pireni


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In the early days and right throughout the 90s whilst the demand for extensions was starting to grow, the press focused on numerous disaster stories of clients with bad extension experiences. This, coupled with several firms claiming to train technicians but only offering a video starter kit instead of hands-on practical course work, the extensions industry was perceived negatively. However, today, over twenty years on and with the recent rise in celebrity endorsement and consumer demand for quality hair extensions continually growing, the industry has geared up and become a lot more professional. You can now find key brands at the forefront driving the extensions market forward and The Hair Extension Institute is a company of such example.

Created to fulfill a much-needed gap for proper certified courses in all methods of extension application, our training talks directly to approaches for job creation and the integration of the informal sector.".

What makes The Hair Extension Institute different? Several extensions companies have offered training in their own particular system which has meant that technicians have been confined to one method. Now rather than having to research individual systems or brands, technicians can learn everything there is to know about applying hair extensions in one place using the latest technology in the industry. And above all we empower you with all the material and equipment you need to set up a new business. We are a big advocate for women empowerment and job creation.


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