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Beverley has trained in dance since 3 years old and has performed on stage her whole life. She first learned Arabic Dance from a Palestinian friend and has since trained in this area for many years with Anne White and Jewelah of London, and with top Oriental perfomer Amani of Lebanon. As well as studying with indigenous communities from Egypt across the Mediterannean to India.

Beverley is currently touring regularly in Africa, Asia and Europe teaching workshops and staging shows. Her theatrical crossovers with dance, mime, vocals, acting and fusion performing arts is unique in the world. Breathing fresh life into historical references in Arabic dance and beyond, her explorations into human storytelling and true Oriental art create works of integrity, which have recieved high press accalim across the world.

Beverley has developed "Rotational Yoga" through an intricate understanding of the human form through years of healing practise and strict training in ballet (1981-1986) and again (2003-2005); jazz (1983-1994 to IDTA teachers) and again with London's top West End Performers Colin Charles and Dolly Henry (2003-2005); gymnastics (1987-1992); Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu (1999-2002), and again (2006), Yoga (1992) and again (2001-2008), trapeze (aerial) (2002-2005), Indian Folk Dance Dhandaya and the classical Indian Temple Dance of Bharat Natyam (2006-2008).

As a dance historian, Beverley's work in particular with Ancient Egyptian Dance has developed her themes of temple dancing. .

Beverley is a member of the Oriental and Folkloric Association, based in Beirut, Lebanon and is also webmistress for the Arabic Dance Association web hub, uniting international dancers to a space where the development of Arabic Dance in the world can further itself and standards of dance will continue to push the benchmarks.


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