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The Chocolate Studio is the first of its kind in South Africa, offering specialised training workshops to entry level chefs, non professionals and chocolate enthusiasts.

The Chocolate Studio, which is situated on the 3rd floor of the Foundry building in Green Point, Cape Town, is endorsed by Lindt's Master Swiss Chocolatiers. Courses at the Chocolate StudioAll creations made at the studio are made with the Lindt couverture and chocolate ranges.

The workshops offer each participant an opportunity to gain insight and obtain a better understanding of the secretive world of chocolate making & its confections. Lindt chocolate lovers are able to create, play and explore the many techniques involving chocolate during the interesting and exciting workshops.

Three different workshops are on offer namely: Decadent Lindt Desserts, Chocolate Décor and Showpiece making and Chocolate Praline making. The workshops will also focus on all the elements that are included in chocolate work such as:

* Gaining the theoretical understanding of the how chocolate is processed from bean to bar.
* The practical & varied methods of chocolate tempering.
* A better understanding of cocoa butter (polymorphic fat).
* The creation of centres & fillings (ganaches, liquors, jellies).
* Hand moulding and enrobing with a machine.
* The making of confectionery items that incorporate chocolate.
* Showpiece construction & the fundamentals of showpiece works.
* Chocolate decorations that enhance desserts, pastries and cakes.
* Decadent Lindt Desserts to make at home for parties and special occasions.

Please note:

The Chocolate Studio runs interactive workshops with small groups of 6 to 8 persons. The workshops will be a semi hands on demonstration and practical training. Because of the nature and specialized techniques required for chocolate work, participants will be active in some of the aspects of the chocolate creations, but not all, as many methods have to be observed first to have a better understanding of the process.


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