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Antoneth Engelbrecht


I am an Internationally Qualified Beauty Therapist for the past 15 years. Although I have previously owned my own Beauty Salon and did a lot of make-up applications for clients, brides, matric dances etc,I now concentrate exclusively on my mobile make-up studio. ToniB consist of two departments, one is the personal make-up course and the other is professional make-up applications for brides, matric dances, evening, ethnic and any other special occasion.

Make-Up is my passion, and I just love to empower woman to look their best by teaching them how to apply their own make-up like a professional. Most woman shy away from venturing into a big Shopping Mall bare faced - that's why ToniB Mobile Make-Up was born and becoming more popular by the day.

Please contact me for any information you need or pricing. You can also Skype with me on ToniB.


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