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Felicity Potter


A profusion of superb studio pottery in a breathtaking environment!

We are studio potters who have been working together in the tradition of high temperature, reduction fired pottery (stoneware and porcelain) since 1973.
Our 2007 Website is intended to convey the range of work we produce, the environment in which we live and work, and the context which gives meaning to our pursuit.

It will also give those unable to visit the studio an opportunity to select a piece or commission work from us.

Studio pottery
Ceramics, hand-made in South Africa.

Large garden and indoor containers, urns, floor jars, vases, platters, lamp bases, washbasins, dinnerware, architectural ceramics, corporate pots and collectors pieces.

Exhibitions, commissions, pottery workshops and courses. Team-building workshops.
Accommodation at the studio.

"We are the sum of our experience and all who have preceded us. Our commitment embraces an approach to life implying that life and work are indivisible.


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