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The Diamond Education College - A Cut Above The Rest
The Diamond Education College provides education in the fields of Rough Diamond Evaluation, Rough Diamond Marking and Polishing and Cutting.

The Diamond Education College is fully accredited by the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) and the Education & Training Qualification Authority (ETQA) as a service provider for the diamond industry. This ensures you receive quality training that is recognised by the educational authorities. Apart from our students receiving an internationally recognised diploma, the Diamond Education College also offers their students the opportunity to receive a National Qualification Certificate upon successful completion of the course studied. This certificate will be issued by the MQA.

The Diamond Education College is fully ISO9001 compliant.

The Diamond Education College is recognised by the South African Diamond Board as a training institute.

In addition to its training facilities, the Diamond Education College was instrumental in defining the unit standards for evaluating proficiency in the various aspects of the diamond industry. Many of the educational manuals used for training in this sector were developed by the Diamond Education College.


The Diamond Education College is located in the South African Diamond Centre building in downtown Johannesburg.

The SA Diamond Centre is the hub of the South African Diamond Industry and is the home of major industry organisations such as the South African Diamond Board, the Diamond Bourse of South Africa, the Diamond Merchants' Association of Southern Africa, the Rough Diamond Dealers' Association of South Africa, The Diamond Development Company and many others.

In addition, the Centre houses more than 100 diamond dealing companies, polishing factories, manufacturing jewellers, shipping companies and diamond equipment supply companies.


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Suite 607, 6th Floor, SA Diamond Centre, 225 Main Street



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Suite 607, 6th Floor, SA Diamond Centre, 225 Main Street



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