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At the Absolute Pilates Studio we are proud to be affiliated with Peak Pilates of Boulder Colorado thereby ensuring strict standards of qualification for our instructors. We believe in practicing Pilates in its original form while making use in a structured and uniform manner of the latest technology and techniques to provide specialized conditioning that caters for the specific needs of our varied client base.


To be able to function in the world, you need to be able to function in your body. Pilates is the common sense way of achieving this.

As a form of exercise it creates long, lean muscles, it will help to redefine your posture, thereby creating a relaxed and confident stance. It is not aimed at turning you into a professional athlete. What it will do is to make you understand why exercise is important, not only for aesthetic purposes but in order to avoid injury. It will make you feel good about your body and therefore about yourself. It will make you stronger all over but as a form of exercise it is focused on increasing core strength the important back and abdominal muscles that support your whole body. It is a routine which can fit easily into your daily life or - as many professional sport people have discovered - should become an integral part of every athletes conditioning routine.


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