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Izak Potgieter


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SA Civil Aviation Authority



Order of Pilot Licences:
1. Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
2. Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
3. Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATP)


The South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires a minimum of 50 hours of flying time for a PPL. There are 7 subjects on which examinations are required with a pass mark of 75%. The subjects are:
a) Air Law
b) Human Performance
c) Meteorology (Weather)
d) Navigation
e) Principles of Flight
f) Engines & Instruments.
g) Flight Planning & Performance

As from 2 July 2007 the PPL candidates must do these examinations at the CAA offices in Midrand or CAA Accredited Test Centers.
The majority of PPL candidates achieve their licence on 50 56 hours. The average duration of PPL training is 1-3 months. Although there is no time restraint on the training, we recommend 3 lessons a week to keep steady progress.
There is no specific educational background required, only the ability to read, write and speak English.
From the medical side, some people do not make the grade but normally because of Diabetes or being Colour Blind. To be excessively overweight can also be a disadvantage. With a PPL you are not allowed to transport fare paying passengers or receive remuneration for flying, therefore you need a CPL if you want to make aviation your career.


For CPL a minimum of 200 hours flying time (including PPL hours) are required by CAA, if you are not a holder of a Fixed Wing Licence. The hour building up to 200 hours can be the easier part in your goal to achieve a CPL. Hour building towards the 200 hour mark can be achieved by either paying for it yourself or by joining our training bond system (Terms and Conditions apply).
There are 8 subjects to be written and this takes place at the Civil Aviation building in Midrand. The studies and preparation for these examinations do require more time and commitment.
There is a Ground School Course available for the Commercial subjects and the duration thereof is 10 weeks.It will take approximately 3-12 months to accomplish your CPL after completing the PPL.


The minimum flying time required by CAA is 1500 hours and additional examinations are required to be written. Contact us for more information.

There is a high demand for helicopter pilots and the demand is increasing. New rules have been introduced which are also fueling the increased demand. The salary of a Commercial pilot depends on where you are prepared to fly and experience levels.


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