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We can help you to transform your artistry into a rewarding and profitable career in animation, visualisation or visual effects when you earn your Autodesk certification at learn2 Digital Media Academy.

When studying at learn2, you will acquire the practical knowledge and artistic expertise you need to become an successful animator, compositor or designer. You will benefit from individualised attention and professional critiques of your work by experts from leading companies.

The Reason for the Academy
Touchvision Digital Media Solutions is a leading South African supplier of advanced digital film & video post -production solutions. We have recognised that the industry needs not only for better production systems but for creative and talented artists as well.

Our experience as a technology provider tells us that simply providing the technology is only one small part of the solution. Technology needs to be complemented by developing and training a pool of talented and suitably trained individuals who are proficient in the many different aspects of modern film and broadcast content.

learn2 Digital Media Academy fills that gap: offering training on the latest Autodesk software for animation, editing and visual effects.

The added value of our courses comes from our involvement in the real world of content creation, and the access we have to the top facilities and people nationwide.


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