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School of Shipping provides training for anyone who wishes to enter the vibrant world of Shipping. School of Shipping was born from the need for quality, affordable adult tuition in maritime studies specifically relating to land-based shipping practice and procedures.

Whether you need to refresh your Export/Import knowledge, require instruction on documentation or feel that you want to branch off into another area of shipping altogether, School of Shipping offers various courses and workshops specifically aimed at land-based shipping functions such as Import Clerk, Export Clerk, Clearing and Forwarding Agent, Freight Clerk and Entry Clerk. School of Shipping is able to offer you various courses either tailor made to your company specifications or on a full or part time basis.

School of Shipping is based in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. Situated at the intersection of the Benguela and Mozambican currents, the climate is at best sunny with clear skies and cool breezes, and at worst very windy and wet.

Our most prominent excursion is Table Mountain where you have the opportunity to ride up the beautiful mountain in a cable-car or, if you feel a little daring, take a foot path to the top.

Our harbour is one of the largest in Southern Africa and offers favourable access to the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Known as The Cape of Good Hope, it was the Mother city for the modernisation of South Africa in the days when Jan van Riebeeck first set his foot on Cape soil. Also known as The Cape of Storms, many a ship has fallen prey to the sometimes treacherous sailing conditions.

School of Shipping studies offers a learner accredited quality education and training to equip the learner with practical skill, knowledge and attitude which is acceptable to the shipping industry. The courses and workshops are theoretical and/or outcome based and the contents of the courses are based on the National Qualifications Unit Standards of the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA).

The Shipping Profession is a highly rewarding field where success depends on your determination to be the best, and to give of your best. Such excellence demands much of your own time, with some after hours work to ensure that the required standard of service is met to allow cargo to move around the world. What you put in at the beginning of your career will certainly be a huge bonus in a few years time. The self-motivated person will find that willingness, enthusiasm and dedication to the profession are well rewarded.

Vision & Mission


School of Shipping strives to offer you the best training in land based shipping products available in the market. Our training is a powerful tool to help empower you.

1. Empowering you for your future!
2. Reputable, Affordable, Quality Training


School of Shipping is committed to being an institution of excellence that develops the potential of learners through quality Education and Training in response to the skills development needs of the country.


We value an environment of Ubuntu that includes:

1. Respect
2. Honesty
3. Transparency
4. Caring
5. Teamwork
6. Commitment
7. Empowerment
8. Equal opportunities
9. Embracing change


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