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The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design (CFAD) is a tertiary institution that offers a three year intergrated diploma in Fine Art, Animation and Design. The CFAD was established in 1994 by world renowned cartoonist, Nanda Soobben. Prior to the establishment of the CFAD various individuals approached Nanda Soobben with the desire to learn his skills. It was from this need in the community that the seeds were planted fro the CFAD. From these early beginnings the CFAD has expanded its programme to include teaching skills that are important to graphic design, animation, illustration and cartooning. The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design has devloped an Intergrated Fine Art, Graphic Design and Animation Diploma that equips artist with marketable skills. In the past, many fine art graduates found it difficult to secure jobs. But graduates of the CFAD have found it easier to secure employment in the local printing, advertising and media industry. Several successfull graduates are now employed internationally.

Students have found an enjoyable, creative and productive environment at the CFAD, where all the lecturers and support staff are established artists in their own fields. The CFAD is a leader in the field of animation, where the latest technology is used to teach students how to produce traditional animation and broadcast quality animation. Students are awarded scholarships from the National Arts ... and the Presidents Arts and culture trust.


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201 Salbany House, 50 Albany Grove


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P.O Box 26465

Isipingo Beach

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