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GigaSkills Training is a private computer-training college and have been established since December 1996 in Secunda.

We offer a variety of computer and other business-related courses. Our courses are divided into two categories, namely Diploma Courses and Certificate courses:

Our Diploma courses have a duration of 6 months or more. As will all our courses, we put a lot of emphasize on practical work and prepare you for the working environment. Furthermore if you compare our subject-list, you will see that we go the extra distance to ensure you get more than just the basics. Our courses are affordable and with Diploma Courses you even have payment-options.

We also offer Certificate courses that cover a specific subject in detail. With these courses you will learn the ins-and-outs of a specific program in a very practical way. These courses range from beginner courses up to more advanced courses.

Our lecturers are qualified with excellent presentation skills and they know their subjects well. They take you step-by-step through the course. They simply love training!

We are very proud of all the students we have trained! You can look at their work and CVs here .

We are simply the best training center there is! To give you encouragement to join us, have a look at our convenient Tips and Tricks section. Please do not hesitate to submit your questions to us.

We offer a friendly, professional service. To make you feel more at home, come and have a good laugh with us!


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