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Studio Kairos was created by the people who have been coming to Nia classes since 2003. When myself, Ann and Michelle qualified as Nia White Belt Instructors, we started sharing teaching 1 class / week. It just grew from there. People; our friends and their friends and colleagues wanted more classes. So from one class / week , we went to 2 classes / week, then 3, and now since February 2006, the Parktown North Masonic Hall became ours to use as Studio Kairos.
In November 2006 Studio Kairos moved from Parktown North to the Rosebank Bowling Club, 15 Hume road,Dunkeld West. It was sad to have to leave the safe space of the Masonic hall, which we had used for years to grow and nuture ourselves through Nia. However, we now have an even bigger, brighter space which feels more connected to the outside world, with it's huge windows overlooking the green. We are grateful for the time we had to build our Nia community, and feel the new space will bring us into our next chapter of Music, Movement & Magic; allowing us to bring in more light, more sound and celebrate with our dear fellow Teachers and International visitors and other events (see web-site every month for details). And from November 2006, with Avril Joffe joining me at Studio Kairos as a Partner, we can only be excited about our future with Nia!


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15 Hume Road


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