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REWIND Photography Courses was established in 2004 by commercial photographer Julian Goldswain. Since its inception it has grown into a very successful business and in 2008 the business was re-launched as FAST FORWARD. Over the years the courses have produced a number of outstanding part-time and full-time photographers in both fine-art and commercial fields, who have had their work featured in various magazines.

FAST FORWARD offers you part-time photographic courses and workshops that will equip you with sound technical skills and will also inspire your creative photography.

Classes are limited to small groups, ensuring one-on-one training and a fun, non-intimidating class-environment. Regular assessment sessions and group practical exercises encourage student interaction and help learn from each other.

Fast Forward's lecturers are experienced professional photographers and teachers that provide practical, hands-on training.


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Manhattan Place, 130 Bree Street


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