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Mercia Rous


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The Training Edge is a company that specialises in Education, Training and Development across industries in South Africa.

Our core business spans the whole scope of Education, Training and Development practices including:

* Research and analysis of skills development and performance needs.
* Design, development and delivery of education and training programmes that are aligned to nationally registered unit standards and organisational requirements.
* Design, development and implementation of quality assessment and moderation systems.
* Assessment and Moderation of a broad spectrum of ETD products.
* Design, development and implementation and evaluation of quality. Management systems for Education, Training and Development.

The Training Edge has one clearly-defined purpose: to enable our customers to provide exceptional training and assessment experiences. Achieving that is about not only the transference of training and assessment skills, but also identifying training opportunities and developing training interventions that meet the needs of the ETD Profession and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the National Skills Development Strategy.

Vision Statement:

To be recognised as being the most dynamic and progressive provider of practical solutions for education, training and development practices.

Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life of our learners, enhance work opportunities and improve productivity in the workplace, through skills development and quality ETD practices, thereby contributing to the National Skills Development Strategy and the objectives of the National Qualifications Framework in the SADC region.


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Gateview House A3, Lower Ground Floor, Constantia Office Park, Corner 14th Ave and Hendrik Pot


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P.O. Box 5112




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