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Always One Jump Ahead!!!

The Assessment College offers a solid track record and eight years of experience in the field of assessor and related training.

True to our slogan Always One Jump Ahead, we were the first training provider to

* be accredited by the ETDP SETA
* be ISO 9001:2000 listed (since 2002)

We are also a founder member of the Association of Private Providers for Education, Training and Development.

We are a Qualifying Small Enterprise on the present version of the BEE Score Card and a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) enterprise. Our own interpretation of the latest score card regulations puts us at 118% or a Level One Contributor to Broad-Based Transformation.

Our high score is due to direct and indirect empowerment.

* Black ownership:
We have a black partner that owns 26% of shares and have proportional voting rights
* Owner/Management:
As a Qualifying Small Enterprise, we have 40% control of our enterprise vested in black persons
* Employment Equity:
Of our 15 staff members 7 are black, of whom one is an executive director and one is a manager
* Skills Training:
Our black staff is receiving extensive skills training on a needs basis
* Procurement:
We have used these same businesses in 80% of our procurement
* Enterprise Development:
We are actively assisting and developing over fifty emerging and micro enterprises
* Contribution towards social development:
In addition, our volunteer work in the education and training arena contributes a full 20% to our score.

The training and consulting services of the Assessment College of South Africa are underpinned by our vision, mission and values.


To be the strategic partners of choice for all organisations involved in education and training.


The College supports and promotes all the values and principles of SAQA and the National Qualifications Framework and conducts its business in a manner that reflects

* honest and ethical free-market business principles
* fair, open and democratic communication principles
* a commitment to learners, staff, associates and licensees.


Our mission is to use our skills and knowledge to promote through our business practices

* quality of ETD practices
* quality training of ETD practitioners
* consulting on quality systems in ETD in organisations.

Special Mission:

We promote small businesses in education, training and development.

Our approach to equity and nation building is to actively promote emerging small businesses that provide education and training services.
The College encourages and assists individuals who have the desire and capacity to set up their own businesses, to work with the Assessment College as licensees and as subcontracted associates.

In this way we have assisted more than fifty small and micro enterprises in setting up and growing their businesses. Of these 50% are women and 40% are black.


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