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Successful companies become successful because they focus on their core revenue-generating activities. Yet, every business has non-core activities that need to be managed. This can include complicated tasks like how to design the layout of your office for the most efficient workflow, to simple tasks like making sure there is enough printer toner to last you till the end of the month!

One thing is for sure, if you are spending time on non-core issues, you are losing money for two reasons:

1. You are not focusing where you should be focusing, that is,
on that product or system or service that you deliver to your
clients; your core revenue-generating activities.

2. You probably wont have the expert know-how on how to get
the best value for money from your office equipment, staff
and workflow systems.

If you are serious about your business, then you should be serious about outsourcing your non-core activities to Afroteq.

Afroteqs solid track record and positive growth plan make it the smart choice in Facilities Management.

Measured, Tailored and Aligned:

What is unique about Afroteq is that our facilities management programs result in quantitative measurables that truly support our clients goals. (Please refer to our references for proof of this statement.)

Because Afroteqs service offerings are diversified, we do not present outsourcing as the only answer to Facilities Management problems. Rather, we believe in the development of tailored solutions for each clients specific business and set of circumstances.

Afroteq aims to align and streamline systems and processes within our clients non-core business and by integrating the staff (people) who are interacting with one another (process) in the working environment (place).

What we offer:

In Summary

The management of facilities operations
The support of our clients non-core function through
consulting and project management expertise
Space design and implementation
Short FM training courses via the SETA registered Afroteq
Focused recruitment in the FM industry through Afroteq

Our service delivery is aimed at the integration of people, place and process within our clients non-core support areas, resulting in improved facilities services, reduced costs and less hassle.

Afroteqs approach is one of transferring skills, educating both clients and service providers and ensuring that operations are appropriately resourced. One of the key enablers to achieving the desired results is the introduction of a Facilities Services Help Desk a performance tracking and management tool.
Wide Open Spaces

Facilities design is considered to be the strategic component of Facilities Management, and Afroteq has dedicated experts in the field who assist our clients in the design, ergonomics, implementation and management of one of their most important assets their space.

Once we put a system in place, it needs to be held together with facilities management software. We purposely do not keep pre-packaged software in stock; you may not need half of it. We are unique in that we research and source software that is applicable to your specifications.

Benefits of using Afroteq:

Improved service delivery
Facilities and their services maximized for effective and
efficient usage
Reduced overall facilities spend
Less hassle and administration
Management are free to focus on their core business
Support services are aligned with the clients corporate
strategy and ensures delivery consistent with the companys
future direction
Reduction and management of risks relating to Facilities
The opportunity to manage only the outputs of service delivery
through a clearly defined service level agreement, as
opposed to managing inputs through performance
Fixed, predictable and smoothed operational costs which
ease the pressure on budget processing and expenditure
Commitment and dedication because the delivery of service
is our core business. This also means that the staff we
employ have a more clearly defined career path and are hand

More reasons for choosing Afroteq:

Our solid track record of adding value to our clients and
meeting their needs
Afroteqs strong and positive growth plan
We are truly South African, employing South African resources and models of service delivery developed here
Afroteq has a Historically Disadvantaged Individual (HDI)
ownership status of 90%, which includes women. We are rated by EmpowerDex as an AA, Level 3 contributor and presently, our Black Empowered Ownership (BEE) stands at 30%. Management hold 95% of the allocated shares, including 5% reserved for a share incentive scheme for junior staff.
Actively procure, grow and manage BEE suppliers for our


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