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The college is registered with the Department of Labour and has a Beneficiation Licence with South African Diamond and Precious Metal Regulator under the Department of Minerals and Energy. We are a member of Diamond Council of South Africa and State Diamond Trader. We comply with SETA: MQA (Mining Qualification Authority) and SABS (South African Bureau of Standard)


* AFRICAN MINIRALS COLLEGE was founded to offer Minerals
* Training and beneficiate them within South Africa
* To be the leaders in diamond and precious metal beneficiations (jewellery design and manufacturing and diamond cutting and polishing).
* To transfer the skills of the business to the South African youth.
* To break into the international market.


* African Minerals College aims to promote the government's objectives of economic development, rising living standards by job creation, minerals beneficiation within the country and skills development.
* To strive for above average service delivery.
* To contribute towards the social well being of the communities.
* To empower the previously disadvantaged individuals especially young people through knowledge, skills, employment, etc.
* To comply with ISO 9000 for quality assurance and MQA SETA (Minerals Qualifications Authority SETA).

This college was founded in terms of the Diamond Act, 1986 and Diamond Amendment Act, 2005 to give candidates a basic understanding of the characteristics and qualities of a rough diamond in relation to colour, carat weight, clarity and cut/shape, so that they can with the necessary time, determination and diligence make meaningful decisions on the diamonds and how the diamond licence applies.

The college is aimed at offering courses at a very reasonable fee to afford candidates from all classes and angles an access. The college will bring these services closer to the disadvantaged by opening branches in Provinces where there is demand

These courses will assist people who were previously disadvantaged or denied access in mineral industry when licensed and encourages all the candidates to become Licensed Diamond Dealer, Beneficiaries and to venture into the mines.


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