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Lourens & Tracy Muller


Bio Sculpture Natal is run by Tracy and Lourens Muller, who both come out of the medical field. We believe strongly in the product Bio Sculpture because it is the healthier alternative in nail care, there is no harmful acrylics or odors for the technician as well as the clients. Bio Sculpture is an international company, born and bred in South Africa, and is currently exporting to 37 different countries around the world. Bio Sculpture has achieved international status not only because of their unique gels but also the standard at which the technicians are educated practically as well as theoretically. Our product range is geared for the nail and spa industry, and we also offer a pedicure and manicure course.Bio Sculpture is the only nail product world wide to have had their gels medically approved and certified, hence we can claim to be the healthier alternative with confidence. We here at Bio Sculpture Natal, supply, educate and distribute Bio Sculpture products...we also deliver.


Our mission is to provide safe, cost-effective nail care systems and services, meeting world-class standards.
Our vision is to be the preferred global provider of nail care systems. Bio Sculpture is taking the world by storm and changing the future in nail care.

It is the healthier alternative, enhancing the natural nail
Nail hardening treatment applied onto natural nails without any damage
Strengthens and treats nails
No excessive buffing before or after application
Fast and clean and easy to apply- no dust or odours
Thin, strong, natural and beautiful looking
Will not lift when applied correctly
Will not cause fungus or mould
Permanent nail colour that will not peel or chip
Available in French, Clear, or Colour
Can be applied onto toe nails for the eternal pedicure (lasting up to 2 months)
Increases the quality of regular manicures and pedicures
Easy to care for at home with matching varnishes and lipsticks

We focus on Superior Quality of Service and Customer Care and we value people and their diversity.

Your Nails defy nature naturally!

Bio Sculpture Gel is the proven leader in all categories:
Appearance, Health, Durability, Simplicity and Ease of Removal.

Dont get left behind!


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