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* ISETT SETA approved and are registered as assessors and moderators
* City & Guilds (of London) certified Training and Examination Centre
* A BEE Level 4 contributor


Digix Computers are committed to providing our students with the very best computer education that is possible. We do this by paying unparalleled attention to four areas:
Our Students

We do not teach computers - we teach people. Individuals are important to us, and we recognise that they have different needs. So we constantly strive to meet students at their unique point of need. To achieve this, we monitor student progress, and place a heavy emphasis on personal assessment. After every one of our standard courses, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesss of each delegate, using evaluation techniques that are individually matched to their level. Not only does this help students maximise their educational experience, it helps us to improve our techniques continually. Many would tell you that this is too much effort for every student, but we do not think so. We believe that every student is worth the effort.
The fact that 80% of our students come to us for more than one course is testimony to the success of this intensive approach, and it gives us satisfaction. Significantly, 80% of the corporate clients who supported us when we started in 1986 are still valued clients today.
Our Lecturers

Not only do our lecturers know their subject areas, they believe in the material that they lecture. They are current in their knowledge, and practical. They are highly qualified and experienced. Our lecturers are constantly involved in cutting-edge developments using the products that we lecture on.
Our Courses

We lecture in subjects that we know well. Our courses split into two areas - UNIX and its related operating systems, also Programming and its related topics. That is all. We do not lecture in things we know little, or nothing about - no matter how big the demand is. Doing so would be contrary to our philosophy. For instance, we used C++ extensively for four years before we offered it on our schedule, because this is how long it took us to use it properly in successful projects and to understand its proper application.
Quality of Materials/Educational Standards

We work with the highest quality of materials and to the highest educational standards. Our manuals and practical exercises are an integral part of each and every course, so we review these often. They are assessed in the light of student feedback, student measured performance and international trends. They are reviewed by qualified educationalists and information scientists. We know that you are not fooled by bulky manuals filled with irrelevancies.

We strive to take individual students as far as they can go, and frequently reach level 6 on Bloom's educational taxonomy. We do not waste your time by telling you things that you could easily read in a book - you do that for homework. We help you understand it and apply it. That is why you come back to us for more.
Our Track Record

Our approach to quality education really does work. In 1999, IBM sponsored a project aimed at addressing the IT Skills shortage in South Africa. 150 students were chosen, then split into groups to be trained by top educational institutions. In the final exams, not only did the Digix Group outperform all others, the top 20 students overall were from the Digix Group.

Some of those students are IT managers today, which is why we have "Preferred Vendor" status with so many corporates.

Digix Computers are committed to complying with Governmental Policies with respect to Employment Equity ratios. We are certified as a BEE level 4 cotributor.


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