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In days gone by, turf irrigation standards were determined by individual contractors and engineers resulting in a huge variance in quality, design and efficiency.

In 1983 certain role players recognised the need for a governing body that would provide suitable guidelines and specifications to protect the end user and uphold the name of the industry. The result was the formation of the Turf Irrigation Association (TIA). Today the association is known as the Landscape Irrigation Association of South Africa (LIA) which is more descriptive of the work undertaken by members.

A Constitution has been in place since our inception as well as a Code of Conduct that provides for minimum standards to be adhered to. The Code of Standards document was formulated as a safeguard to ensure efficient and trouble free systems. These Standards have been drawn up from a pooling of experience gained from many years in the industry and reliable technical sources. The inclusion of each item has been carefully assessed and only used where it has been evident that its exclusion could result in a drop in quality. The Code of Standards is revised to keeps abreast of advancements in technology and the appearance of new innovative equipment.

The Association actively promotes high standards of water conservation, design, quality and workmanship through training and certification in accordance with the National Water Supply Regulations Act. Good progress has also been made in establishing Unit Standards for training as part of the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Members of the LIA are expected to offer clients the following benefits:-

Professional Service
Irrigation-related expertise
Quality workmanship according to the LIA Code of Standards,
Access to latest irrigation technology
Value for money.

The Association has fully operational offices in three regions, namely Gauteng , Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape . A National Chairman and executive committee is in place to steer the regional committees towards a future destination to the good of all members and the industry.


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