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My commitment is to partner you in your personal and professional evolution

Are you a High Achieving Independent Professional, Team Leader, Business Owner, CEO or Executive? Do you want to make a contribution, a difference, an impact in the world? Are you ambitious, determined, focused, free-thinking and committed to lifelong learning? Then you are in the company of like-minded individuals!

Michelle Clarke partners with clients just like you. She, and her team of outsourced professionals, provide high-end business coaching designed to help you to stay focused on sustained performance.

Specially tailored one-to-one or one-to-many coaching partnerships challenge and encourage high achieving individuals to use their authentic personality, emotions and faculty of thinking in new and innovative ways. New ways of thinking stimulate new ways of seeing, being, engaging with and impacting on our world.

Please feel free to explore this site. Discover how we work, the services we offer, the people we work with. Consider the power of focused dialogue that taps into you or your teams dynamic skill and experience working with you to co-design and re-engineer your branding, your business, your sustainable, life and market strategies.

My coaching philosophy:

Phi-los-o-phy. n
A set of ideas or beliefs relating to a particular field or activity; an underlying theory

Ours is an equal thinking partnership: client and coach share together, examine together, and make meaning together. Together implies that there is no division. I may be coach and you client but I cannot instruct you. I have no authority on your life whatsoever. You are the expert on your life, your business, your journey. My skills and training provide us with the tool to help you to clarify your thinking and define your direction on the road ahead.

The quality of our actions is deeply influenced by the quality of the thinking we do before taking action.

The human mind works better under the direction of a question.

Personal investigation and the constructive alignment of our personal beliefs, vision and strategy is core to our ability to achieve our definition of success.
We are all in a reciprocal relationship with each other, the environment and the world impacted by and impacting on these external influencers.

We can choose how we think. Although we may feel pre-programmed and conditioned by society, we are largely free to decide how we think and how we communicate.

Learning, un-learning, re-learning and embodiment is a sustainable life-long practice.

To become more effective, we need to change our perspective.

Michelle Clarke Coaching aligns its coaching practice with the Comensa Code of Ethics.

Coaching Style:

Naturally curious, honouring and non-judgemental, I craft my coaching style according to my clients and my clients situation. Sometimes, when appropriate, I coach by just asking questions. At other times, Im an equal conversation contributor with ideas, philosophies and input.

To facilitate deeper, more articulate cognitive and experiential self-knowledge, I draw on tools from astrology (character and predictive analysis), yoga (exploring the mind-body-emotion relationship) and adult learning (KOLB, Hudsons and CCL Leadership Competencies)

At all times, I see my role as being here to facilitate your thinking and learning encouraging and creating space to allow the emergence of those insights that provide clarity around issues that are important to you and help you to move forward in the direction of your choice.

Our Coaching Partnership Framework:

What do you want to achieve?


Together we establish what you want to achieve, why it's important to you and what your deadlines are


Together we explore your range of options and the internal and external resources that will help you to select the best option

Step 3. EMBED

Together we embed and experiment with practical practices and implementation steps that allow you to walk your chosen path with confidence


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