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When Charlotte first stumbled across the art of Belly Dancing in 1989, she thought it might be a more interesting alternative to gym or jogging. So this shy and self-conscious accountant decided to investigate this "daring option", and very soon she found herself dancing professionally.

It wasnt long before Charlotte was approached by an Egyptian owned company and offered a sponsorship to travel and explore her new found passion in the land of its origin. She returned from Egypt invigorated and eager to share her insights with a fledgling South African belly dance community. In 1997, she opened the Jewels of the Nile dancing studio, and in the year 2000, Charlotte and three of her dancers won two gold medals and a trophy at the World Performing Arts Championships in Los Angeles.

But its not just Charlottes training, experience and passion for the art form that sets her apart from the rest. She doesnt believe in creating clones of herself she wants each and every Jewel to develop and blossom into a goddess in her own right.

The Jewels are taught to dance from their souls and thereby express a pure feminine energy.

Charlotte also does not promote the art form as a dance of seduction and is very clear in her intentions when teaching and expressing the dance. She has faced much adversity and many challenges as a result of her views and code of conduct over the years.

Charlottes holistic approach to life and dancing has also lead her to be successfully trained as a Reiki Master (Eastern lineage), Aromatherapist, Reflexologist; Karuna Reiki and in Indian Head massage. She also obtained a CIS and Life and Business Coaching qualification.

Apart form dance instruction, Charlotte also runs healing workshops, including body mind awareness, BBBrobics, and workshops on sensuality and sexuality, sometimes using her dancing as part of the basic tools.

She has researched dance and movement therapy in order to gain a greater understanding of the amazing healing features of so many of the movements that are found in belly dancing.


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