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It took some time for me to reach the name for my business, Yoga Warrior. Having literally moved continents to set up this new life in Johannesburg, South Africa with my fiance, it was important for me to find a name that reflected the flavour of my new home. The logo of my business reflects the beauty, strength and simplicity I want you to understand by Yoga Warrior.

I use warrior in two contexts: one to acknowledge the courageous people of this historic country that is my new home, and secondly because there are yoga poses that are borne out of the analogy of the warrior. A bit of detail on the poses..Warrior I can be seen as the warrior holding its sword above its head, powerful, focused and brave but as the warrior unfolds into Warrior II (the logo pose) there is an expansiveness and ease. The warrior is not considered aggressive but rather fearless, brave enough to face its own fears. In Warrior II the front arm reaches into the future, the back arm reaches back into the past, seating the Warrior directly in the present. These poses have always felt good in my body, stretching and dynamic and the warrior code has provided guidance on my rocky path: courage to face reality equipped with the weapons of steadiness and awareness. I mentioned simplicity, and do not want to fool you because yoga is a sophisticated philosophical system that has been studied for over 5000 years, and it is anything but easy; but on your yoga mat, if you manage to reduce this moment to you and your breath, you will glimpse if only momentarily a simplicity in life.

Yoga Warrior style is a synergy of all the different yoga teachers I've practiced with in New York, London, Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney and of course Jozi!

My foundation is in hatha vinyasa with Cyndi Lee, at OM Yoga in New York City: a juicy blend of flowing yoga poses informed by precise attention to alignment. I have gone on to study with many others who all share a passion for the fluidity of the body. My classes consist of a series of yoga poses which each have physical benefit for your body, but while you move between these poses my hope is that you will flow as in a meditational dance of awakening. I play world music during my classes which assists in quietening the mind and developing focus; it also eases the transition from day to day life to this time, for you, on your yoga mat exploring your mind and body.

So Yoga Warrior feels very me. Those who know me know I'm rather tough and love a challenge: whether it's climbing a mountain or moving to an unfamiliar place. Because I spend so much time doing other sports, I have been particularly keen to find out which poses are beneficial as a crossover trainer for what sport and weave these anecdotes in to my classes. Whatever your sport, you need to stretch your body, even more so as you age, to maintain flexibility and strength so come, explore your warrior on the mat!


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