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Ben Grobler


So, you want a drivers license?

Well, you can get one. Easily. Legally.

I can assure you this whole K53 thing is made much more complicated by some, than it actually is. I never understood why, and to this day I still dont.

Anyone can get a drivers license. You just need to understand the system. Most people dont. I suppose they do not take the effort, because it will be something they do once in a lifetime. Unfortunately this fact often leads to huge amounts of cash flushed down the drain. People just dont understand how it all works. Dont let this happen to you. Be aware. Be prepared. Know the options available to you.

I have been a Driving School owner for 10 years. I believe that I have seen and done it all. I am no one special. Just another driving instructor struggling to put safe legal drivers on our roads. And believe me, it is no easy task. We are driving instructors. Not miracle workers. We can train you well, but it will take some effort and determination from your side.

All people are not created equal. I understand that. But there is an easy way. Take the road with least resistance. Take the road less travelled. Take the road that I am suggesting and you will soon experience the results you imagined.

The purpose of this website is to inform you well. And then I expect you to make a decision. You will find all the answers to your questions. And if you dont, please email or phone me so that I can supply you with what you need.

To get a drivers license, follow these easy three steps. Do it with a registered, accredited Driving School that can provide you with the help, support and understanding you need.

Step 1: Get a Learners License
Step 2: Take some driving lessons
Step 3: Take the Drivers Test

Yes, it is actually just as simple as that.

Kind regards,

Ben Grobler


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