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Dees Govender


The Aim of the DDTC is:

* To provide a high quality of education, training, development and safety to emerging drivers in the business and public sectors.
* To Maximize the potential of the people of South Africa, through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, safety and practical driving abilities to drive safely on any public road.
* To provide the government and public sectors with a supply of skilled and safe drivers that will be able to offer their employment to the industrial and small business sectors.

Dees Driver Training Centre has established a training facility that is capable of coping with various educational levels of society. It has the ability and infrastructure to train students with knowledge, driving skills, and road safety. Dees Driver Training Centre management, instructors and staff intend maintaining it's standard of training to the highest level.
We provide training to the following sectors:

* Government Organisations
* Industrial Companies & Organisations
* Universities and Technikons
* Private Individuals
* Scholars

Our Training covers the entire range that the South African Licensing Department has.

The Company is situated in the Central Business Area of Durban, at 62 Botanic Gardens Road, Musgrave. The purpose of establishing the business in this area is due to it been centrally located for all and easy access by means of public transport to the training centre. Furthurmore all Road Traffic Inspectorate and other organisations are within the same business area.

Dees Driver Training Centre intends to maintain its business in a professional and efficient manner, thus ensuring that all the needs and requirements of it's learners are met within the stipulated agreement.


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62 Bontanic Gardens Road



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