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Shaheen Soni


The SONI ART STUDIO provides quality services and product based on four business areas i.e., Quality Art Works, Custom Framing, affordable Art Supplies and creative Art Classes.

The Studio is the exclusive provider of "Soni Art" in Cape Town, South Africa. A unique art form incorporating the versatile and decorative Arabic script. This art form inherits its origins from the ancient art of illumination (decorative pattern work). The SONI ART STUDIO attempts to showcase and promote local art from all cultural backgrounds reflective of a multi-cultural rainbow South Africa. Art pieces displayed range from traditional, abstract contemporary, still life, landscape to hand painted ostrich eggs. All art pieces maintain the highest quality standards.

A custom framing service that is affordable. A service that aims to provide quality finishing to art pieces, photographs, prints, posters, mirrors and ornamental objects - If you bring it, we will frame it. We stock a broad range of art supplies at low prices.

Creative art classes based on the "Soni Art" form - taught by the masters themselves.

Soni Art Studio constantly tries to provide its quality services and products to meet the needs of customers nationally and internationally. In this way we see ourselves as a transitional business always changing and expanding to suite the broad range that makes up our customer base.

The SONI ART STUDIO is based in the Rondebosch East area in Cape Town, South Africa. Be sure to pay us a visit!


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