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Clive Ridgway


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We are passionate about promoting songwriting in the Western Cape and are committed to empower and equip local songwriters to become more effective participants in the music industry. Our intention is to develop an authentic Cape songwriting culture by increasing the number of skilled local songwriters.

Our Principles

The CAPE TOWN SCHOOL OF SONGWRITING offers a unique learning experience based on the principles, practices and processes developed in the book crack the SONGWRITING code. Our wish is to harvest talent from across the entire social/economic spectrum of the Western Cape.

Our Vision

We believe that songwriting is within the grasp of anyone who has the desire and courage to put their thoughts and feelings into words and music. Our vision is to share the best kept secrets of songwriting with all who have a genuine interest in Pop music. The CAPE TOWN SCHOOL OF SONGWRITING is the brainchild of Clive Ridgway. It just felt like the right thing to do. I love pop songs. The person I am today, what I have, and what I have achieved personally and professionally is largely, the outcome of my love for pop music. "I'd love to see Cape Town become to the songwriting capital of SA."

Our Intentions

The CTSS is committed to maintaining a creative environment attractive to students and sponsors alike. We will seek partners to open the doors of the CTSS as widely as possible. Our Songs for Africa project will take songwriting into the community and we will expand crack the SONGWRITING code courses into schools and colleges thereby contributing positively towards music education in the Western Cape. Our aim is to build a reputation of international proportion and to create a thriving business in the process.


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