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With an average of over 20 000 unique visitors per month, My Dream Course is the perfect platform to engage with potential students. We provide a simple, user-friendly and affordable way for you to showcase details about each course and speak to students directly. There are no hidden costs or referrals fees. Why wait, register your organisation today.


6 000 courses – hmm, sounds a bit daunting. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered…  our search tool will help you filter it down to a select few in no time at all. We guarantee that you’ll find a course that really interests you, is within your budget and isn’t a million miles away. Remember that you can do anything from a yoga course to web design to a business degree. To make your search even easier, why not use our AutoSearch Tools and Tags and we will find the courses for you and place it your account to view....so simple!!!   Join now




“Thank you.  I must say that the service has been great.” - Naomi Miskey (BHC School of Design)

“Over the last year your directory resulted in 3% of new registrations and 4% of sales, quite worthwhile.” - Todd Kaplan (Wildlife Campus)

“Thank you so much for your excellent site!” – Anne Dreyer Erasmus (Colourworks International)

“Thank you kindly for an excellent website and efficient customer service.” – Elsabe Baker (Healing Hands International)
“Thanks, your site has been FANTASTIC for us and we look forward to being customers for a long time to come!" - Janice Martin (Instructability (Pty) Ltd)

“Thank you very much for your assistance. I have heard great things about this site and cannot wait to have my courses listed” - Michelle Lisa Hogan (Entice Make-Up Studio)

“This is really awesome. Many thanks and we look forward to subscribing to your service and to receiving many enquiries from potential students.” – Don Leffer (Tourism Hospitality & Sport Business School)

“I just thought I should let you know that I have had many requests for courses through your website. It has been amazing. I have even had enquiries as far as Nigeria!!!  Thanks you very much so far!” – Joan Launspach (Joan's Crafts)

“I am content, and would like to tell you that there was no success before I became a member of the My Dream Course. The course listing is superb. I am anxious to do my work. Thank you very much for your patience and assistance, I appreciate it. - David Steve Matthe (Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences)

“Looks very interesting and easy to use.” – Andy Dove (Ocean Sailing Academy)
“We will happily support your initiative and feel that My Dream Course is a valuable resource for any prospective student.” - Nuno Martins (The Animation School)

"We have had very good feedback from your website and definitely want to sign on permanently" - Lee (Institute of Fitness Professionals)

"Your site and service is exemplary" - Frik van Jaarsveld (SA Leathercraft Academy)
"Thanks for the quick update! Excellent service" - Marelise Krige (Dynamikos Training Network)


“What an awesome website. Simple, elegant, and very easy to use.” - Adi Blacker

“Thank you for this great website.” - Lesley-Ann Engel (student)

“Many thanks, and lovely website!!!” – Mandy Hugo (student)
“Loving your newsletter and loving your website! I think you've done a great job!” – Karen Rosenberg (student)

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