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Group Performance and Communication Programme

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This course can be taken at any time.



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Part Time Day

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Westville (DURBAN)

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Each term we cover a group module from the LAMDA Performance and Communication Syllabus, which gives groups the option to enter the internationally acclaimed LAMDA Performance and Communications Examination in October of each year. Our training covers Acting | Devising Drama | Musical Theatre | Choral Verse.

Ages are grouped as follows ( certain venues require us to combine age groups – refer to registration form for details):-

o    Entry Class - Grade 0 – 2

o    Junior Class – Grade 3 – 6

o    Senior Class – Grade 7 – 12

Overview of Modules

ACTING -Group Acting examinations help learners to develop self-awareness and empathy, encouraging them to take on a different character for the purposes of performance and to be an active member of the team. Learners who take Group Acting exams not only learn to recognise, and be sympathetic to, others’ emotions by portraying their chosen character, they also learn to read the group dynamic and change their role to meet the demands of the ensemble.

DEVISING DRAMA - Group Devising Drama examinations present learners with the opportunity to work together on a creative project. The devising process consists of several steps – including staging, improvisation and scripting – which allow each student to take on a different role within the group. This helps learners to develop maturity and encourages them to take ownership of the responsibilities given to them.

CHORAL VERSE - Choral-Speaking examinations give learners the opportunity to explore the performance of poetry and prose as a chorus, and to play with the dynamics of a piece by changing the number of voices speaking at once. It is a creative examination, allowing the group members to explore ways to use their voices to create mood and atmosphere.

MUSICAL THEATRE – LAMDA examinations in Musical Theatre help students to develop their acting and singing skills. Like our Acting exams, they encourage empathy and self-awareness, as learners are required to present believable characters through both acting and song. During the Musical Theatre term we look at a specific musical and learn scenes and songs from that musical.


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Acting, Drama , Drama class, Public Speaking

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