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Thai Massage (Northern Style)

Course Dates:

This course can be taken at any time.


6 days

Course Cost:

Cost: R3500

Course Type:


Course Location:

Main Location (CAPE TOWN)

Course Description:

Courses offered over 6 X 1 day sessions, enable the practise of the traditional 2½ hour full body treatment, based on ancient Chinese and yogic traditions. Comfortable clothes are recommended for both practitioner and recipient. Training in Thai massage involves:

•  Learning the traditional sequence of movements

•  Practising stretches with sensitivity and being able to adjust to the needs of different bodies

•  Massaging the energy lines of the body with palm & thumb pressure.

•  Warming up with stretches, centering and breathing so that students are comfortable moving and working on the floor.

This course is purely hands on and practical. Potential students need to be aware that practising a Thai massage is physically demanding and requires developing suppleness, fluidity and stamina.

Additional Notes:

Courses offer an opportunity for us a to connect with another human being in a profound and loving way. Massage students are provided a strong foundation of techniques and guidelines presented in detailed notes. They are also encouraged to work with sensitivity and respect, allowing their own natural style to unfold. We dont need the perfect routine or correct number of strokes to give a fantastic treatment. Practical learning is emphasized through hands-on guidance, demonstration, personal attention; and through experiencing the massage as well as doing it. Certificates are presented on successful completion.Coures can be designed and structured to meet different schedules and requirements. As such, the duration of each course may change according to the size of the group and the needs of the students. Group rates are offered, as well as discounts for couples.

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